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Cleaning service

How to clean stainless steel?

On this page we explain how we can help you out with your cleaning project. Of course is it possible to use one of our products and do it by yourself. But our company is specialized in cleaning stainless steel. Many times we heard people say: "How to clean stainless steel?" So in the very beginning we decided to use our expertise and experience, to offer our client a cleaning service.

Service teams

Cleaning non-ferrous metals is a specialty job. This often means that as a client you don't possess the knowledge and/or manpower needed to perform a cleaning job. Emergo Metal Treatment has special service teams which consist of well trained, SCC certified employers with experience in specialist cleaning.

Rust removal

The power of Emergo Metal Treatment lies in removing rust from stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. With our experience and unique products Innosoft B570 ® and Innoprotect B580 ® rust and other contaminants are efficiently removed. Your non-ferrous metal will be restored to excellent condition and after treatment with Innoprotect it will be extra protected thanks to a nano scale protective layer.

Cleaning program

Each job has its own specific points of attention. Emergo Metal Treatment will help you create a custom work program for each cleaning job. This program is created with attention to humans and the environment and ensures that each cleaning job has great results. No matter the job is performed during the day, night, or weekend.

Surfaces and objects

Non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel are used in many different objects. No matter if we are dealing with pipelines at a tank terminal, machines in the food processing industry or your stainless facade, Emergo Metal Treatment will ensure that rust and other contaminants are professionally and efficiently removed.

Choosing the cleaning service of Emergo Metal Treatment will mean:

  • Opting for great results
  • Your non-ferrous metal restored to excellent condition
  • Choosing quality and experience
  • Flexible in planning and execution
  • A partner thinking along with you

Whether you are looking to get buildings, machines or other surfaces treated with our unique products you can rely on these special service teams. We gladly are at your service and will make sure that your surfaces will once more be in excellent condition!

Feel free to contact us for more information or to request a quote, no strings attached.